Kristi E., Professional Cuddler & Theraprenuer  

As a massage therapist for 20+ years and professional cuddler for 8 years (being the first LMT also offering cuddling services in Austin), I am the best in Austin at delivering quality compassionate, emotionally therapeutic touch. My ability to be present & create a safe space for my clients to feel everything while I sooth & support them in their journey is unmatched. I am deeply honored to serve my clients whether they are grieving, stressed, lonely, empty & exhausted or simply seeking relaxation. I love doing this wonderfully positive & life affirming work!

 My passion for professional cuddling is matched only by my love of creating art, specifically oil painting and stone sculpting.  I have been painting all my life  and have sold several pieces. 

 I’ve led an interesting life and love the person I have become as a result. Every experience has contributed to my growth  and helped me in becoming the best professional cuddler & theraprenuer I can be.

Lasting change occurs over time and with trust. I believe establishing long-term relationships is the most effective way for me to assist my clients in achieving lasting physical, mental & emotional health and happiness.