Mindful and private, my professional cuddling practice addresses the personal, sensitive and therapeutic needs of my clients. I am here to help you feel safe, respected, validated and loved.

A brief phone chat is required before booking your appointment.

Before the beginning of your first session (any type of session), you’ll be required to show your driver’s license and sign a Code of Conduct Contract outlining what is and isn’t permitted.




Outcalls are available with a $40 travel fee and require 3 initial sessions at my office. 


 Platonic Cuddle Sessions 

1-5 hour sessions @ $100/hr.

Just as babies and children need touch and affection to survive and thrive, so do adults. Caught up in the stress & minutiae of our lives, we sometimes forget that, yet the unmet need continues to grow, contributing to loneliness, stress, depression and illnesses. To feel safe, nurtured and connected through platonic, compassionate cuddling & touch is vital to our physical, mental & emotional health. My talents for listening & quality compassionate touch are unrivaled in Austin.  As such, I am deeply honored to serve my clients whether they are grieving, stressed, lonely, empty & exhausted or seeking deep relaxation. To be a part of such a positive & much needed profession is immensely gratifying. Endorphins will be released creating a peaceful and relaxed state. I ask that you be receptive & let me take care of you as I help reconnect your mind, body &  spirit. Questions will be asked during your session as we create an experience designed to make you feel safe, respected, nourished and honored. You will receive  exactly what you want & need whether that be sitting quietly with little touch, playing games & giggling or touch with an emphasis on healing. New clients will be required to sign a contract. 



Virtual Cuddle Sessions

 15 hrs. @$80/hr.

Has physical distancing and social isolation got ya feeling blue? Perhaps you’re trying to juggle working from home, keeping the kiddos entertained and not losing your mind. Maybe you’re simply missing some “me time” and need someone who is there solely to support and understand you.

I know that these uncertain times can illicit intense emotions and want you to know that I am here to help. Whether you need to talk, have a good cry or simply relax and breathe in the energies of compassion, respect and understanding. If you’re reading this, you’re definitely overdue for some tender loving care.


What to Expect?

Virtual cuddle sessions are soothing, platonic experiences that can calm your spirit and quiet your mind. They can include silly conversation, breathing meditation to deepen relaxation, guided imagery, listening to music that you love, “burritoing” yourself in blankets and pillows or you can even fall asleep. (promise I won’t laugh, much.) 

We’ll have a chat ahead of time so I can design a unique experience  just for you. Want me to guide the session from beginning to end? You got it. Prefer to co-create as we go? Just say the word.


Tech Requirements

You’ll need a phone, tablet or laptop with access to wifi. Our session can be “audio only” or we can use a video chat platform. If you’re not tech savvy, don’t worry – I’ll walk you through it.

How to Getting Started

First, we’ll set a time and day for a brief phone chat where I can learn more about you and you can ask any questions you have. If we’re both feeling comfortable setting up a session, you’ll confirm that you understand and agree to the terms laid out in the “Code of Conduct Contract” before the session commences. ’ll contact you to schedule a phone or video call. In this call, I can learn more about you and you can ask any questions. If we’re both feeling comfortable setting up a session, we’ll discuss payment arrangements.


Enjoy a Walk Together Sessions

1-3 hrs. @ $90/hr.

Note: If you book an “Enjoy a Walk Together Session”, showing your driver’s license and signing a code of conduct contract is required before the session begins. the session must end at least 1 hour before sundown.

Stay safe, get some exercise and enjoy nature and co-creation at its best. Book a session and enjoy a walk with me @ any Austin metropolitan park.


 New Energetic Work Sessions

 Remote Animal Communication and Healing Sessions

30 minutes @ $50

I will communicate with your pet through telepathy in pictures, thoughts, feelings and words with all species of animals. Sessions are by phone and offer people a chance to ask me directly what their animal companions are thinking and feeling and enables me to address any issues they are having. I require information about your pet such as name, sex, age and type of pet. I like having a picture of your animal prior to the session but it is not essential. If you can’t provide a picture, please be prepared to physically describe your pet at the beginning of the session.  The pet parent must be present in order to validate what I find. I also suggest preparing a list of questions beforehand.  

 Long Distance Chakra Energy Balancing

1 hr. @ $65

Chakra energy balancing focuses on the energetic bodies (aura and chakras) and releases any stagnant or blocked areas back into balance. The purpose is to get the energy flowing through the body to prevent areas of disease or disconnect. Since we are all vibrational, I work with my spirit guides to attune to your energetic frequency.

These sessions can be done long distance and in-person at my office.


How does a remote session work? 

 I will tune into your vibrational signature and with your permission, access your energy field. As with an in-person visit, I inform you of the current status of each chakra and what crystals I will be using to unblock and balance.

All you have to do is relax and know that I am working on your field. If you so desire, you may go within and see if you can feel the relaxing and pleasant sensations of energy being unblocked and balanced. You may experience sensations such as heat, cold, tingling, etc.

Each session is created for the highest good of each client and may be done over the phone or through zoom.


Long Distance Reiki Healing

 1hr. @ $65

Reiki (universal life force energy) teaches us that we are more than just our physical bodies, we are also vibration and because of this, distant reiki sessions work because energy in sot limited by distance. Distance is a physical limitation so sessions can be done remotely.

A distant healing session can be done in a number of ways. the practitioner can use a proxy, use visualization or use a projection of reiki to send reiki energy to someone. The distant reiki symbol joins the reiki practitioner and the client together in a sacred healing space.

All that is required of the recipient is to lie down and be still if possible. The recipient and healer can agree on a time beforehand and the person receiving simply needs to sit or lie down for the specified amount of time (typically a half hour or so). The effects of distant healing are virtually no different than hands on healing. The energy transmissions in a remote session are just as strong as if the client were there with the practitioner. Those interested in receiving a reiki healing session do not need to be ill to benefit from a session. Sessions can help keep the energy channels open, decreasing the likelihood of illness due to blocked chakras.