Austin Cuddle Commune Soirées and Seminars

Everyone is welcome & encouraged to attend these events as an integral part of self-care, which can also be utilized in conjunction with one’s career, especially for those in the health & wellness fields. 

Cuddle Soirées

Cuddle soirées are safe, guided gatherings for everyone who is interested in learning healthy communication, boundary skills and being emotionally vulnerable in order to honor the self and create healthy interactions and relationships with others. Soirées last 2 hours and are held at my place of business.

A minimum of 6 attendees is required.

$35 per person 

Cuddle Seminars

“So you want be a Professional Cuddler”

A complete itinerary of what it takes to become a professional cuddler will be covered. Safety, communication & consent and marketing this unique business are a few subjects that will covered. Seminars are 1 hour long and are held at my place of business.

Printouts with the subjects covered will be handed out with question and answer sessions following each seminar. Participants are encouraged to book a private session or attend a cuddle soirée to practice newly acquired skills and explore if becoming a professional cuddler is right for them.

A minimum of 4 attendees required.

$60 per person